Our Stories

Nancy Johnston

CEO and Founder, Tengri

My Asian roots are based on a culture which celebrates and encourages women to not be too ambitious, to blend in with society. So for most of my life, I have been largely invisible – until winning the 2016 Asian Woman of Achievement, Entrepreneur Award.
The awards really did put me in the spotlight, helping me to recognise that I am an entrepreneur and that yes, I can achieve. It made me a very visible example for many other women and their young daughters to see as a beacon of hope that someone like them, an Asian woman, can succeed.
Since winning the award, I have been recognised as one of the 2017 Women to Watch inLuxury, and Tengri has grown to support 4,500 nomadic herder families in Mongolia, increasing their incomes by as much as 10 to 18 fold. The business has been recognised by Sustainia100 as a global sustainable solution, delivering against four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
I am incredibly proud of this award and feel very privileged to be recognized in a way that has enhanced my self-belief. I believe I have a duty and responsibility to inspire and encourage other woman and young girls to make their dreams a reality.