2007 shortlist

Asian Women of Achievement Awards Winners & shortlist 2007
Asian Women of Achievement Awards
AWA Chairman’s
Superna Sethi
Founder, Manhattan Properties
Superna is the remarkable founder of Manhattan Properties, a business that originally focused on financial services and mortgage advice. Under Superna`s dynamic leadership, it expanded into buying properties in prestigious areas in central London, moving from buying, renovating and selling £30,000 properties to properties worth more than £2.5 m. Today the business specialises in high-quality seven star properties with celebrity clients and is currently planning to develop an apartment block in Mayfair, using Superna`s design flair to turn it into penthouses worth upwards of £15m.
Asian Women of Achievement Awards
Young Achiever
Ushrat Sultana
Parliamentary manager for Margaret Moran MP
Ushrat Sultana is the parliamentary manager for the MP Margaret Moran and assisted her to a record third term in Parliament in the 2005 General Election. That same year Ushrat successfully bid for £126,500 from the Home Office to help confront the issue of forced marriages and, as a result, the first ever national forced marriage working group in the UK has been set up. Ushrat was also appointed Justice of the Peace and is the youngest serving magistrate in Bedfordshire.
Kiran Bali JP
Noreen Mirza
Arti Poddar
Kiran Matharu
Nita Shah
Asian Women of Achievement Awards
Social & Humanitarian
Joint winner
Masayo Kidani
Founder, Momiji charity
Masayo joined the Red Cross in 1964 when the Crown Princess Michiko asked her to join the volunteers for the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Since then she has worked for the Red Cross around the world and set up the Momiji charity, which takes sick young people on an exchange to Japan. Masayo has also been a staunch supporter of Abbeyfield International, the provider of housing and care for the elderly, establishing the first Abbeyfield House in Japan in 2006.
Joint winner
Dr Ujwala Samant
Director, Learning for Life
Dr Ujwala Samant is the director of Learning for Life, a charity that assists local partners in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan to provide education and teacher training to remote areas and impoverished communities. Examples of the much-needed work in these countries include catch-up programmes for girls under the Taliban, to educating slum children in Lahore. Dr Samant was able to secure the charity’s first major grant from the Big Lottery Fund £410,000 and a further Lottery Fund for £765,000 and she led a campaign that raised £350,000 for the Pakistan Earthquake Appeal in 2006.
Nasima Khan
Seema Malhotra
Simi Chowdhry
Charmaine Jayetilleke MBE
Asian Women of Achievement Awards
Public Sector
Dr Geetha Nagasubramanian
Director, woman & young people’s services of Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust
Women and Young People’s Services of Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust led by Geetha provides some of the most sensitive and important services to the local communities and she has built them up from scratch in the 20 years that she has devoted herself to the population of East London.
Sunaina Mann
Manjula Sood
Perminder Dhillon
Priti Patel
Asian Women of Achievement Awards
Dr Helen Lee
Dr Lee is an outstanding scientist and inventor who left her very successful career in industry to dedicate her working life to improve the health of those living in developing countries. She formed the Diagnostics Development Unit and over the past decade has developed rapid tests for the detection of chlamydia and trachoma, a disease rife in the poorest countries causing three million cases of blindness each year. In order to develop the technology for large-scale production, Helen set up the Diagnostics for the Real World in 2002. This company produces these life-saving tests for resource- limited countries.
Professor Nazlin Karmali Howell
Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw
Yasmin Qureshi
Dr Haseena Lockhat
Asian Women of Achievement Awards
Media Professional
Lucky Dhillon
Sunrise Radio
Lucky has worked professionally in the Asian media for more than 20 years. In 1996 she set up her own company and produced two original programmes, including Amrit Vela which was a phenomenal success for Spectrum Radio. It was the first ever programme to transmit daily from the Golden Temple and the show has now been going for more than ten years. Lucky previously played a crucial role in the creation and development of Sunrise Radio, the first independent UK radio station specifically for the Asian community.
Vijay Sharma
Riz Lateef
Wersha Bharadwa
Manali Lukha
Sharmila Nebhrajani
Asian Women of Achievement Awards
Sharon Kaur
Founder, Sahara Homes Ltd
Sharon Kaur founded her company Sahara Homes Ltd in 1998 to provide residential care for women with learning disabilities in Britain. Over the last nine years the company has grown to incorporate three residential homes across London, with a fourth home under construction. Sharon employs locally trained staff in order to give her care homes a community feel.Once the fourth home has been completed, Sharon will employ a total of 90 people from local areas. Her most recent project has been to set up a dedicated foundation for local entrepreneurs, gifted children and young people with special needs.
Sital Punja
Sharon Kaur
Mani Kohli
Safia Minney
Asian Women of Achievement Awards
Romana Abdin
Director, Group Corporate Affairs, Simplyhealth Group
Romana joined HAS in 2001, helping to transform the 80-year-old company. Romana`s team has successfully acquired seven businesses and what started out as a one-product organisation is now a community healthcare business called Simplyhealth Group. Within five years the turnover has increased by 111 per cent, customer numbers by 56 per cent and reserves by nearly £99m, as well as making the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For list five years running.
Zarin Patel
Farrah Qureshi
Karen Seto
Zahra Kassim-Lakha
Superna Sethi
Asian Women of Achievement Awards
Arts & Culture
Anurekha Ghosh
Founder, Anurekha Ghosh Company
Anurekha launched the Anurekha Ghosh Company in 2001 and her group have performed at prestigious festivals all over the world including the UK, the US, Canada, Europe, Estonia, Morocco and Pakistan. Anurekha combines ‘tradition and modernity’ in her dancing style and draws influences from the Indian classical dance Kathak, Sufism, martial arts, Indian classical music and Western contemporary dance and music. Anurekha herself has performed on the BBC, Channel 4, French TV and Indian TV.
Tara Kamangar
Mira Kaushik
Sonia Sabri
Reena Tailor